Ship master convicted and fined for entering no-go zone

Published 12/12/2017

A master of a coastal trading vessel was convicted and fined $5000 in the Cairns Magistrates Court last week for being in charge of a ship that entered

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Ayr to Mission Beach fishers beware: fish in a no-take green zone and risk a $2100 fine

Published 08/12/2017

Recreational fishers poaching from Marine Park no-take green zones between Ayr and Mission Beach are the target of holiday-long compliance blitz launchi

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New high-speed patrol vessel to target persistent night-time poachers

Published 16/11/2017

Fishers poaching from no-take green zones at night can expect to have their cover blown by a new high-speed patrol vessel armed with night detection tec

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School holiday blitz: Rule-breakers caught, responsible fishers thanked

Published 30/10/2017

Ramped-up compliance patrols over the September school holiday period and October long weekend detected 78 recreational fishing offences in the Great Ba

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Gladstone fishing master receives $20,000 fine for repeat illegal fishing offences

Published 25/09/2017

A $20,000 fine and conviction for illegal commercial fishing in the Gladstone region shows there are serious consequences for commercial operators repea

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Ramped-up patrols to target illegal fishing hotspots this school holidays

Published 19/09/2017

Aerial and on-water patrols will be out in force over the September school holidays and the October long weekend as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park A

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Illegal recreational fishers are catch of the day

Published 12/07/2017

Dedicated on-water and aerial patrols were ramped up over the weekend, with 13 incidents of illegal recreational line fishing detected in no-take green

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Illegal recreational fishing fine increased to $2100

Published 30/06/2017

Recreational fishers caught poaching from no-take areas in the Great Barrier Reef will face higher penalties from this weekend, with fines increasing fr

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Night time patrols see illegal recreational fisher hook a $1800 fine

Published 16/06/2017

A recreational fisher’s assumption the cover of darkness would allow him to poach from a no-take zone undetected proved to be a costly mistake, wi

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Repeat offender commercial fisherman cops $10,000 fine

Published 02/05/2017

A commercial reef line fishing dory operator received a $10,000 fine after being caught in a no-take green zone in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park fo

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