Easter, camping, fishing, zoning

Published: 27/03/2013

Camping spot booked, check; fishing rods in, check; camping permit organised and free zoning map in hand, check.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority field management director Richard Quincey said there are plenty of great fishing and island camping spots that people can visit within the Marine Park over the Easter long weekend.

"To make the trip enjoyable and stress-free, visitors need to plan ahead. Part of this is being mindful of and follow the zoning rules when they’re out on the water," he said.

“Scientific research by James Cook University confirms no-take zones are increasing the abundance and average size of many fish which in turn is creating a baby boom that all fishers in the community are benefitting from.

“Fish stocks will continue to flourish and be protected long into the future as a result of fishers in the community following the zoning rules.”

Before visitors finalise plans for their trip they should remember to:

  • grab a free zoning map to find out where they can go and what they can do if they head out fishing and boating
  • check what facilities are available at the campsite and what they’re allowed to bring
  • book boat transfers to and from the island with a local operator
  • find out what they can and can’t do on the national park island they’re visiting — for example on most national park islands generators and compressors can’t be used and firewood and kindling can’t be collected
  • organise accommodation for pets, as no pets are allowed on national park islands on adjoining beaches and tidal lands
  • make sure everyone going on the trip understands it is prohibited to feed native animals.

For more tips on what visitors can do to look after the area they’re visiting, see GBRMPA’s responsible reef practices and zoning information.

To collect a free zoning map, go to local bait and tackle shops or call 1800 990 177. For camping permits, call 1300 130 372. To report sick and injured animals, call 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

Name: GBRMPA Media
Contact: (07) 4750 0846