Remember your Zoning Map

Published: 14/09/2011

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) is urging fishers to get their hands on a free Zoning Map so they follow the zoning rules out on the water these school holidays.

With the September school holidays fast approaching, fishers should be aware of zoning before hitting the water and take their Zoning Map with them.

GBRMPA Field Management Director Mick Bishop said zoning protects the values and condition of the Marine Park to ensure everyone can enjoy this natural wonder.

"We need fishers to do their bit to protect the Reef by making sure they collect their free Zoning Maps and abide by the regulations," he said.

"Marine National Park Zones protect habitats and provide a haven for different types of marine life and it is important fishers respect these areas to protect the Reef.

"The school holidays are a great opportunity for families to hit the water, we just hope that people are aware of zoning rules to avoid the penalties associated with fishing in prohibited or restricted areas.

"Using the maps in conjunction with a reliable GPS should ensure the zoning regulations aren’t breached and allow for a great day out on the water with the kids for the school holidays."

Use the free Zoning Maps to become accustomed to the different areas, rules and activities that are allowed, prohibited or those that require a permit.

The maps detail the different zones including: General Use (Light Blue), Habitat Protection (Dark Blue), Conservation Park (Yellow) and Marine National Park (Green), Buffer (Olive Green), Scientific Research (Orange), Preservation (Pink) and Commonwealth Island Zones.

Fishers should be aware that Marine National Park (Green) Zones are no-take areas with fishing and collecting prohibited, however people can still anchor, swim and snorkel in these areas.

Fishing gear is allowed to be stored on a boat within a Marine National Park (Green) Zone while travelling through such a zone with fish on board is also permitted.

Fishers should be aware that only one rod or line with a single hook per person is allowed for use in Conservation Park (Yellow) Zones.    

Fishers can pick up their free Zoning Map at bait and tackle shops, visitor information centres, ship chandlers and Environmental Protection Agency and Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol offices. Alternatively call the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority 1800 990 177 for a free map.

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