Compliance and Zoning

Night time patrols see illegal recreational fisher hook a $1800 fine

Published 16/06/2017

A recreational fisher’s assumption the cover of darkness would allow him to poach from a no-take zone undetected proved to be a costly mistake, wi

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Cairns fishers warned: Fish in a green zone and risk a $2100 fine

Published 02/06/2017

To support Reef recovery, the Cairns area will be the target of a month-long compliance blitz which has recreational fishers poaching from green zones s

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Repeat offender commercial fisherman cops $10,000 fine

Published 02/05/2017

A commercial reef line fishing dory operator received a $10,000 fine after being caught in a no-take green zone in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park fo

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Summer compliance blitz: "Fish in a protected zone and you will get caught"

Published 22/02/2017

Dedicated on-water and aerial patrols over the Christmas break resulted in 48 incidents of illegal recreational fishing in the Great Barrier Reef Marine

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Public urged to report suspected illegal fishing and help protect the Reef

Published 15/12/2016

While surveillance vessels are out in force over the Christmas period targeting illegal fishing on the Great Barrier Reef, community members are being u

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Recreational fisher pays $4000 for fishing in a green zone

Published 07/12/2016

A recreational fisher recently pleaded guilty and was fined $4000 after he was found fishing in a no-take green zone near Lady Musgrave Island.

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Illegal recreational fishers caught in the act

Published 11/11/2016

Figures show continued dedicated compliance patrols, a new patrol vessel and coordinated multi-agency surveillance operations detected more than 500 ill

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Trawler operator fined for green zone breach

Published 16/08/2016

A Cairns prawn trawler operator has been fined $15,000 for fishing in a green zone in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park after a monitoring system track

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Know your plotter — know the zones

Published 15/07/2016

Not being able to read your plotter is not an excuse for illegal fishing. Recreational fishers are encouraged to take the time to understand how marine

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Patrols out in force these school holidays

Published 05/07/2016

Compliance officers will be out in full force over the school holidays as patrols across the Marine Park ramp up to tackle illegal fishing.

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