Whale hits and near misses prompt warning to take extra care on the water

Published 04/09/2017

Boaties are reminded to take extra care on the water and ensure they are familiar with safe approach distances following a whale strike and several near

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Look out for those below during whale season — even if you’re way above

Published 15/08/2017

With the whale migration season well underway for 2017, whale-watching enthusiasts and visitors to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park are reminded to ke

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Enjoy nature’s show from a distance

Published 23/08/2016

As Migaloo and other whales continue migrating through the Great Barrier Reef, whale-watching enthusiasts and visitors are reminded to keep a safe dista

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Let Dory and her “cousins” keep swimming

Published 16/06/2016

With Finding Dory hitting Australian cinemas, marine managers are reminding Great Barrier Reef fishers and visitors about the importance of Dory and her

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Have a whale of a time on the water — remember to look out for those below

Published 11/05/2015

Extravagant tail-slapping displays and breathtaking breaches through the water are tell-tail signs of traffic on the mighty humpback highway.

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A hitchhiker’s guide to pumice

Published 30/08/2013

A floating raft of pumice created by an underwater volcanic eruption, and teeming with marine hitchhikers, has been spotted on the Reef.

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Experts discuss recovery of turtle and dugong

Published 01/11/2011

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will be part of a forum of national experts discussing the plight of turtles and dugongs.

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Sharks get to know Reef HQ staff

Published 07/10/2011

Juvenile leopard sharks born at Townsville's Reef HQ Aquarium are getting up close and personal with the aquarists who look after them.

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White whale calf wows onlookers

Published 29/09/2011

The recent sighting of a white whale calf has surprised and astounded those people who play and work in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. 

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Small steps by fishers help the Reef

Published 19/07/2011

Fishers can take a couple of small steps to care for the Great Barrier Reef so it continues to be one of the best spots on earth to fish.

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