Working with tourism operators

Tourism operators are working with GBRMPA to reduce their impact on the Great Barrier Reef. The industry has been proactive on climate change. With the support of GBRMPA, it has established the Great Barrier Reef Tourism Climate Change Action Strategy and has been implementing the initiatives to build the industry's resilience to climate change.

Individual Reef tourism operators in direct contact with visitors are uniquely placed to deliver powerful action on climate change both on and off the water.

In addition to sharing this information, operators are also:

  • Calculating, monitoring and reducing their carbon emissions
  • Trialling alternative energy sources such as biofuels
  • Becoming climate certified through Ecotourism Australia
  • Offsetting their carbon emissions

The GBRMPA has developed tools to assist tourism operators to reduce their emissions and adapt to climate change. These tools include:

  • A carbon emissions calculator for tourism operators
  • Case studies outlining how some operators have reduced their emissions, providing information and resources for other operators to do the same
  • Information on climate change and its impacts on the Reef to inform operators, and also to share this knowledge with visitors.