Working with fishers

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA ), engages the different sectors of the fishing industry on a variety of issues, and actively supports partnerships and programs that will build the industry's resilience to the impacts of climate change.

Aquarium Supply Sector

This sector, led by the industry representative body Pro-vision Reef, is one of the first Reef-reliant groups to undertake climate change adaptation planning. They have:

  • Established and are implementing the Stewardship Action Plan which provides operational standards for the sector in response to climate related events, such as coral bleaching outbreaks
  • Undertaken a vulnerability assessment of the industry to climate change
  • Begun second phase adaptation planning to implement and incorporate adaptation practices into business models.

Seafood Fishing Sector

The GBRMPA has an established partnership with the Queensland Seafood Industry Association which has led to a number of initiatives being developed. They include:

  • The appointment of a Climate Change liaison officer to drive fisheries and climate change related projects established under the partnership. The role provides a point of contact for commercial fishers on all matters relating to climate change
  • The Fisheries Emissions Calculator is an online tool that allows for more energy efficient and cheaper operations for fishers. By measuring levels of energy use over the last few years, fishers can identify areas that require attention
  • A series of climate change workshops for fishers and suppliers providing information on the impact of climate change on businesses.

Reef Guardian Fishers

The Reef Guardian Fishers program recognises those fishers who are helping to build the health of the Reef so it is better able to deal with climate change impacts.