Profile - Cairns Marine

Cairns Marine is owned and operated by the Squire family and were the first Reef Guardian Fisher participants from the Marine Aquarium Fish and Coral Collection industry. They are Australia’s largest and leading supplier of marine life for display.

They supply Australian retail outlets, international wholesalers and public aquaria.

Cairns Marine’s Director, Lyle Squire Jnr, says their business decided to sign up to the Reef Guardian Fishers program because it complemented his industry’s Stewardship Action Plan.

It offered the community confidence in the way their industry operated.

“We are conscious that we work in a World Heritage Area and that there is an expectation from the community that we work hard to minimise our environmental footprint,” Lyle said.

“The Reef Guardian program strengthens our existing initiatives and further develops the collaborative arrangements we have with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.”