Farmer profile - Alan Robino

Alan Robino describes himself as ‘a typical farmer’.

He is a third-generation canegrower from Ingham whose passion is typical of many farmers who want to pass on productive, healthy land and a better industry to the next generation.

Alan believes the key to a successful future is in looking after the soils. Keeping soil where it is needed in the paddocks and not on roads or other run-off areas is his intention, as is improving the biological health of soils so future opportunities for new or different crops are not lost.

Alan stands out as a grower making a difference by constantly testing assumptions about growing practices such as finding the best harvest extractor speeds to minimise the loss of nitrogen during harvest, and maximising green trash blanketing. Alan prefers to hire modern machinery to do the seasonal jobs and believes this reduces his fuel and energy consumption significantly over using old machinery.

What makes Alan want to be a Reef Guardian Farmer? He has a passion for the cane growing community, and sees Reef Guardians as a way of getting on with the job, and getting the best outcomes for farmers and the community.

Like many farmers in the area, Alan is also a keen fisher and he wants clean and healthy waterways and a lifestyle that includes rewarding recreational fishing at his backdoor.