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Great Barrier Reef Features (1)
Mainland and Islands
Indicative Reef
Marine Bioregions of the Great Barrier Reef (Reef) (2)
RA1 Deltaic Reefs
RA2 Outer Barrier Reefs
RA3 Outer Shelf Reefs
RA4 Strong Tidal Outer Shelf Reefs
RB1 Far Northern Outer Mid Shelf Reefs
RC1 Torres Strait influenced Mid Shelf Reefs
RC2 Far Northern Protected Mid Shelf Reefs and Shoals
RCB1 Capricorn Bunker Outer Reefs
RCB2 Capricorn Bunker Mid Shelf Reefs
RD Far Northern Open Lagoon Reefs
RE1 Coastal Far Northern Reefs
RE2 Coastal Northern Reefs
RE3 Coastal Central Reefs
RE4 Coastal Southern Reefs
RE5 High Tidal Fringing Reefs
RE6 Incipient Reefs
RE7 Tidal Mud Flat Reefs
RE8 Coastal Southern Fringing Reefs
RF1 Northern Open Lagoon Reefs
RF2 Central Open Lagoon Reefs
RG1 Sheltered Mid Shelf Reefs
RG2 Exposed Mid Shelf Reefs
RHC High Continental Island Reefs
RHE Strong Tidal Mid Shelf Reefs (East)
RHL Hard Line Reefs
RHW Strong Tidal Mid Shelf Reefs (West)
RK Strong Tidal Inner Mid Shelf Reefs
RSW-M Swains Mid Reefs
RSW-N Coral Sea Swains-Northern Reefs
RSW-O Swains Outer Reefs
Marine Bioregions of the Great Barrier Reef (Non-Reef) (3)
NA1 Coastal Strip
NA3 High Nutrients Coastal Strip
NA4 Inshore Terrigenous Sands
NB1 Inshore Muddy Lagoon
NB3 Inner Shelf Seagrass
NB5 Inner Mid Shelf Lagoon
NB6 Inner Shelf Lagoon Continental Islands
NB7 Mid Shelf Lagoon
NB8 Capricorn Bunker Lagoon
NC Mid Shelf Inter Reef - Seagrass
ND Mid Shelf Inter Reef
NE Outer Shelf Lagoon
NF Halimeda Banks - some coral
NH Mid Shelf Sandy Inter Reef
NI Halimeda Banks
NJ Princess Charlotte Bay Outer Shelf
NK Princess Charlotte Bay
NL1 Outer Shelf Algae and Seagrass
NL2 Outer Shelf Seagrass
NL3 Outer Shelf Inter Reef - Central
NL4 Outer Shelf Inter Reef - Southern
NL5 Swains Inter Reef
NM Mid Shelf Seagrass
NN Capricorn Bunker Banks
NO Capricorn Trough
NP Eastern Plateau
NQ Steep Slope
NR Queensland Trough
NS Intermediate Broad Slope
NTE Eastern Pelagic Platform
NTW Western Pelagic Platform
NU Terraces
X1 Far Northern Offshelf
X2 Offshelf Queensland Trough
X3 Outer Far Northern Inter Reef
X4 Capricorn Bunker Inter Reef
X5 Outer Central Inter Reef
X6 Central Offshelf
X7 Central Inter Reef
X8 Southern Embayment
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Boundary (5)
Management Areas of the GBRMP (Poly) (6)
Special Management Areas (7)
Dugong Protection Area
No Dories Detached
Princess Charlotte Bay
Public Appreciation
Restricted Access
Seasonal Closure
Natural Resources Conservation
Plans of Management boundaries (ALL) (8)
Whale Protection Area (9)
Remote Natural Area of the GBRMP (10)
CPOM Sensitive Locations (12)
CPOM Bad Weather Anchorages for Large Vessels (13)
CPOM Reef Anchorages (14)
CPOM Locations (15)
Intensive (1) - unlimited people
Moderate (2a) - 100 people to a mooring
Moderate (2) - 60 people
Low (3) - 15 people
HPOM No Anchoring Area (17)
HPOM Settings boundary (18)
WPOM No Anchoring Area (20)
WPOM Langford-Black Islands Area (21)
WPOM Designated Water Sports Area (22)
WPOM Water Sports Allowed (23)
WPOM Regular Aircraft Landing Areas (arc) (24)
WPOM Regular Aircraft Landing Areas (25)
WPOM Settings boundary (26)
Designated Shipping Areas of the GBRMP (28)
Compulsory Pilotage Area (29)
Designated Anchorages (30)
Cruise Ship Transit Lanes of the GBRMP (31)
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Zoning (33)
General Use
Habitat Protection
Conservation Park
Scientific Research
Scientific Research (closed to public access)
Marine National Park
Commonwealth Island (GBRMPA)
Commonwealth Island (Other)
Zoning Map Extents (2010) (34)