Permission compliance

Once granted, permissions are still subject to conditions which reduce the risk that the activity poses to the Marine Park.

To ensure that the conditions of use and entry under Marine Park permits are complied with the agency has in place a dedicated permissions compliance program. This includes a number of assessment strategies of risk and appropriateness of permitted actions to achieve permit holder compliance.

These strategies include:

  • Education and communication with permit holders to outline expectations and raise awareness on how to comply.
  • Monitoring and reporting to assess levels of compliance.
  • Administrative and enforcement measures aimed at adjusting permit holder behaviour towards compliance.

The Service Charter for the permission system outlines our commitments to provide you with the best service possible, and the responsibilities of permit holders.

Priorities for 2018–19

Each year the agency undertakes a risk assessment to support the development of an annual permissions compliance plan.  A structured work plan is then developed to manage these risks.

During the 2018–19 financial year the agency is focusing on:

  • Providing education and raising awareness around the obligations associated with Marine Parks permits.
  • Enhancing our business systems to improve monitoring, tracking and auditing of permissions.
  • Developing and implementing procedures to establish a transparent and consistent approach to permission compliance.
  • Conducting desktop assessments and field inspections across a range of permission types to ensure that they are complied with.
  • Reviewing all allegations that have been received and taking appropriate action.

What can you do?

Permit holders must adhere the requirements outlined in their permit in order to continue to be permitted to operate within the Marine Park. The responsibility for complying with the conditions of a permission rests on the permit holder. This includes fulfilling all obligations associated with any deed of agreement that may have been entered into and any obligations associated with the Environmental Management Charge.

Everyone who enters or uses the Marine Park also has an obligation to take all reasonable steps to prevent or minimise harm to the environment in the Marine Park.

Steps you can take include:

  • Be familiar and comply with the conditions and requirements of your permits.
  • If you are unsure of your obligations contact us for assistance.
  • Take advantage of our Permits Online portal which make it easier for you to update your contact details, view your permits and manage your permit obligations.
Notify us of any permit related incidents


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