Tongue Bay is situated on the north-eastern side of Whitsunday Island, the largest island in the Whitsunday group of islands. It is a popular anchorage for charter vessels and recreational users as it offers protection from the prevailing south-easterly winds.

Tongue Bay is shallow and the beach adjacent to the anchorage is accessible only at high or near-high tide. There are three public moorings available for use in Tongue Bay.

To avoid damage to the reef flat, people accessing the beach should use the dinghy landing area (refer to Map) located in front of the walking track entrance.

The walking track forks to the right to a short walk up the hill to the Hill Inlet Lookout, which offers spectacular panoramic views of Whitehaven Beach, Solway Passage and Hill Inlet. The left fork of the track leads to a boardwalk, which takes visitors over the ridge to Betty's Beach.

Tourism Operators accessing Tongue Point or the Hill Inlet Lookout via Tongue Bay require a Commercial Activities Permit from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. This gives standard permission for a commercial operator to access the lookout with a maximum group size of 25 (including a guide).Tongue Bay Site Map.jpg

A guide must accompany guests accessing the Hill Inlet Lookout.

Map of the Tongue Bay Area

Accessing the Area

Tongue Bay is located in a Habitat Protection (Dark Blue) Zone. This zone provides for the conservation of areas through the protection and management of sensitive habitats, generally free from potentially damaging activities.Tongue Bay dinghy landing area

Whitsundays Plan of Management (WPOM)

Limits on vessel length and group size apply to all users of the Planning Area, including recreational users and tourism operators.  

Table 1: WPOM Setting Limits for Tongue Bay

Moderate Use
Max vessel length: 35m

Max group size: 40
Tongue Bay

The majority of tourism operators can access the Whitsundays Planning Area 50 days a year with a booking.

Tongue Bay is classed as a Setting 3 area.

A Setting 3 area is:

A natural setting that may have moderate levels of visitation, with appropriate moorings and management facilities to manage impacts. These areas are occasionally visited by larger vessels and aircraft.

Anchoring Restrictions and Public Moorings

Three (3) public moorings have been installed at Tongue Bay.

If you are an operator refer to Responsible Reef Practices on our Onboard website, if you are a recreational user refer to our Responsible Recreational Reef Practices for information on boating, anchoring and mooring in the Marine Park.