Lady Musgrave Island is located 96 kilometres north-east of Bundaberg, 59 kilometres east of the Town of 1770.

It is the second most southerly cay of the Great Barrier Reef in the Capricornia Cays National Park. The size of the island is estimated at 19.47 hectares.

Lady Musgrave Reef, which surrounds the island, is approximately 2930 hectares. It includes a large lagoon, which is an attraction for visitors and other users because the bommies and margins of the lagoon support diverse coral cover. Recreational users and tourist operators access Lady Musgrave Reef and Island to snorkel, dive, fish, and camp. The commercial fishing industry also uses the site as an anchorage.

The island supports a major breeding population of vulnerable green turtles and a minor breeding population of endangered loggerhead turtles. It is also a significant breeding site and important roosting and feeding site for several species of coastal birds.

The area is culturally significant to the Tarebilang Bunda, Bailai, Gooreng Gooreng, and Gurang Traditional Owner groups and is accessed for traditional use. The waters surrounding the island have not been comprehensively surveyed for shipwrecks, however one historic shipwreck has been discovered.

Lady Musgrave Reef site management arrangements

The Lady Musgrave Reef site management arrangements describe management arrangements at Lady Musgrave Reef for recreational use and tourist program use.

The arrangements are in place to protect species and ecosystems of conservation significance, and Indigenous and European heritage and cultural values. They also aim to minimise impacts on amenity and to support sustainable tourism.

The site management arrangements cover:

  • tourist program access via private moorings
  • minimum tourist program use requirements to address latency issues
  • limits on the numbers of pontoons and private moorings
  • pontoon installation and use requirements
  • private mooring installation and use requirements
  • aircraft operations
  • coral protection (Reef Protection Area)
  • marine turtle protection (Go Slow Area)
  • vessel access to the Cay (Cay Access Channel and Vessel Loading Area)

For details on each one see the Lady Musgrave Reef site management arrangements document (map included) .

More information about Lady Musgrave Reef and how the site management arrangements were developed can be found in the Lady Musgrave Reef supporting information document.

For further information about the Capricornia Cays National Park or to book a camp site on Lady Musgrave Island, visit the Queensland Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing website.

For more information on the site management arrangements, call the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority on (07) 4750 0700 or email