Milln Reef is located approximately 60 kilometres offshore from Cairns. The reef is popular with tourist vessels and a number of day trip operations, as well as extended live-aboard dive trips. It is also a popular destination for recreational visitors, however due to its distance from the mainland access is generally limited to good weather days.

Milln Reef is a Marine National Park (Green) Zone with a No Dories Detached (Marine National Park Zone) Special Management Area designated over it. The Special Management Area regulates the number of dories that may be detached from a commercial fishing vessel.

Activities allowed at Milln Reef include diving, boating, anchoring and photography. Activities excluded from the area include line fishing, trolling, bait gathering and netting, commercial fishing, spearfishing and collection of coral or shells. Please refer to the Zoning Plan and maps for details.

Site planning for Milln Reef originally occurred in 2000 - 2001 to address issues regarding moorings and facilitating public access and was finalised in August 2001.

In 2005, a request was made to move existing moorings and the proposal was publicly advertised in August 2005. Following the consultation phase a decision was made in September 2005 and the document was updated.

Current Site Plan