Tourism Reef Advisory Committee

The Tourism Reef Advisory Committee (TRAC) operates in accordance with the Reef Advisory Committee Charter of Operation, and the Tourism Reef Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.

Communiques of Committee meetings

A public report is prepared after each TRAC meeting, summarising the major issues discussed at that meeting.

Who is on the Committee

It is recognised that the TRAC is competency-based, and members are appointed taking into consideration their experience, knowledge, skills, relationships and networks with the Reef tourism industry or relevant groups or sectors. All Committee members are expected to adopt a broad perspective on Committee business that is raised.

Members of the TRAC will be appointed in accordance with the Charter of Operation, and will be selected based on their representation within one or more of the following:

  • Regional Economic Development
  • Ecotourism
  • Indigenous Tourism
  • Reef Traditional Owner
  • Tourism Industry Representative Groups
  • Tourism entrepreneur
  • Charter operations
  • Bareboat operations
  • Pontoon operations
  • Sailing operations
  • Cruise Shipping
  • Island Resorts
  • Aviation
2014 – 2019 Committee members
MemberOrganisation and/or Field of Expertise
SCHUNTNER, Glenys MsIndependent Chair - Advocacy for regional economic development
BAKER, Tony MrMarine tourism operations, including pontoons in the northern region of the Great Barrier Reef
BOURKE, Glenn MrTourism resorts
BROWN, Tony MrSailing and day tourism operations in the Whitsunday region of the Great Barrier Reef
CHARTERS, Tony MrEcotourism Australia - Ecotourism and tourism in protected areas
CLARE, Geoff MrNational Parks, Sport and Racing - Tourism management in the Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park
CROCOMBE, Paul MrMarine tourism in the central region of the Great Barrier Reef
DRAKE, Mike MrInternational cruise shipping and marketing
FOX, Samantha MsDepartment of Environment and Energy - National protected area management, tourism in protected areas and heritage values
GASH, Peter MrSustainable tourism and aircraft operations in the southern region of the Great Barrier Reef
GRANT, Chrissy MsIndigenous Affairs
GSCHWIND, Daniel MrQueensland Tourism Industry Council - Business acumen and economics
JOHNSTON, Nathan MrANSA Queensland – Recreational fishing in the Great Barrier Reef
JUDD, Annie MsBareboat operations in the Whitsundays and tourism marketing
McCARTHY, Daniel MrCharter fishing
MCKENZIE, Col MrAssociation of Marine Park Tourism Operators - Marine tourism industry and diving
MORGANS, David MrTourism and Events Queensland - Regional tourism development