Gladstone LMAC video competition

For the third year, the Gladstone Local Marine Advisory Committee is calling on the region’s aspiring video producers to help raise awareness about what we can do to reduce threats to the Reef, particularly in the local Gladstone area. Schools and members of the community are invited to get involved and to raise awareness about reducing threats to the Reef by taking part in this video competition.

The Great Barrier Reef is at risk from five major threats. They are: 

  • climate change
  • coastal development (e.g. clearing, modifying habitats such as wetlands, barriers to flow)
  • land-based run-off (e.g. nutrients, sediment, pesticides) 
  • illegal fishing and overfishing
  • marine debris.

To enter, make a two minute video illustrating what can be done to reduce threats to the Reef and harm to the animals and plants that live there. There are two categories in the video competition, each with a prize of a $500 voucher.  The competition is open to primary school students and high school students and adults.

For more information or to enter, download the entry form.

Entries should be submitted to Gladstone LMAC at by 31 May 2016. Winners will be announced on 24 June and will be notified by email. For more details please telephone 4921 4055.