Current proposals - under assessment

The opportunity for the public to comment on a proposal is an important part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) environmental assessment and consultative processes. As part of these processes, interested parties are invited to contact GBRMPA for more information, or to make a written submission in relation to the proposal.

Proposals under assessment


Port of Townsville expansion project (Port of Townsville Ltd)

EPBC 2011/5979
Port of Townsville Limited proposes to expand the Port of Townsville in Cleveland Bay. The project is a staged development, expected to take approximately 20 years to complete. The proposal involves a number of activities including reclamation, dredging to extend the existing shipping channels, and the disposal of approximately 5.6 million cubic metres of sediment at an existing dredge disposal site inside the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and at the boundary of the Marine Park. The period for public comment on the draft EIS has closed. Public comments are being incorporated during the process to finalise the EIS.

Gladstone Port channel duplication (Gladstone Ports Corporation)

EPBC 2012/6558

Gladstone Ports Corporation proposes to duplicate the existing Gatcombe and Golding Cutting channel in the Port of Gladstone. The proposal involves 12 million cubic metres of dredging. It is proposed the dredged sediment will be disposed of inside the Marine Park at a new spoil ground, as the current disposal site will be at full capacity. The relocation and construction of navigational aids for the channel is also proposed.

The proponent is preparing the EIS.

Cairns shipping development (Trinity Inlet) project (Far North Queensland Ports Corporation Ltd)

EPBC 2012/6538

Far North Queensland Ports Corporation proposes to upgrade existing port infrastructure in Cairns to allow larger vessels to enter, in particular cruise ships. The proposal includes modifying existing shipping and inner harbour channels (widening, deepening) and the creation of a new shipping swing basin. The proposal involves dredging of approximately five million cubic metres of capital material and 580,000 cubic metres of annual maintenance material throughout project operations. Expansion of the existing spoil ground boundaries inside the Marine Park or establishment of an alternative site (inside the Marine Park) to accommodate dredge spoil is likely to be proposed. The proponent is preparing the EIS.

Dudgeon Point expansion (North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation)

EPBC 2012/6240

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation proposes to expand its coal export terminals at Dudgeon Point, south of Mackay. The proposal involves the development of two new coal export terminals with a combined capacity of up to 180 Mtpa, rail, offshore wharf facilities, creation of ship berth pockets and a departure of apron to service the new berths. The volume of dredged material is estimated to be up to 13 million cubic metres and disposal is likely to be proposed for inside the Marine Park.

The proponent is preparing the EIS and has indicated that the project may be delayed.

Waratah Coal export facility, Port of Abbot Point (Waratah Coal Pty Ltd)

EPBC 2012/6250

Waratah Coal Pty Ltd proposes to construct a new coal export facility at the Port of Abbot Point. The terminal expansion will comprise various onshore and offshore infrastructure components. The main components of the proposed development include new rail infrastructure, stockyards, conveyors, jetty with eight berths, wharf and other ancillary buildings and infrastructure. The proposal includes dredging of an entrance channel, swing basin and berth pockets. Proposed dredging volumes and disposal activities are unclear at this stage.
The proponent is preparing the EIS.

Fitzroy terminal project (Fitzroy Terminal Project Pty Ltd)

EPBC 2011/6069

Fitzroy Terminal Project Pty Ltd proposes to develop and operate a coal export facility in Port Alma and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The main components of the project include construction of a rail loop, set down and stockpiling area, and covered conveyor, berths and barges. As part of the operational phase of the project, coal will be loaded onto barges which will meet trans-shippers inside the Marine Park. The trans-shippers will load the coal into waiting ships. The project will potentially require capital and maintenance dredging of Raglan Creek to accommodate the barge loading facility (amount unknown) and disposal of dredge spoil inside the Marine Park.
The proponent is preparing the EIS.

Wongai underground coal mine project in Cape York (Aust-Pac Capital Pty Ltd)

EPBC 2011/6092

Aust-Pac Capital Pty Ltd is proposing to construct and operate a new underground coal mine in Cape York. The proposed development includes a barge loading facility in the Marine Park (transhipping), jetty and moorings, and ultimate decommissioning of the mine.
The proponent is preparing the EIS.