Great Keppel Island Resort marina and utilities pipeline

Two Marine Park permits for the Great Keppel Island Resort proposed marina and utilities pipeline have been issued.

The permits allow GKI Resort Pty Ltd to proceed with its plans to build and operate a 250-berth marina and utilities pipeline which form part of the proposed Great Keppel Island Revitalisation Plan approved by the Federal Environment Minister in March 2013. The permits include strict conditions to prevent or minimise impacts on the social, cultural and natural values of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

The statement of reasons explains how the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority made its decision to conditionally approve the marina.

Among the many conditions, the permittee must:

  • Conduct additional baseline studies of the areas likely to be impacted, with results approved by the agency before any works can start
  • Prepare a marine environmental management plan for the agency's approval – a part of this includes dredge management strategies, including further assessment of acid sulphate soil potential.
  • Establish a long-term scientific monitoring program to track the health of corals, seagrass, marine mammals and protected species around the island
  • Engage with the Woppaburra Traditional Owners to identify and manage cultural values and Indigenous heritage
  • Design all structures to withstand likely storm events, including allowance for predicted climate change impacts
  • Maintain public access to the Marine Park along the full length of the marina’s waterfront
  • Ensure all works are supervised by an agency appointed environmental site supervisor
  • Use special safety measures to protect wildlife, including not installing the utilities pipeline during whale migration season and ceasing all works if a marine mammal or protected reptile approaches any construction zone and
  • Conduct regular maintenance and inspections of all structures and facilities, with reports submitted to the agency.

More detailed information on the permits is available via the permit search data base.

  • To locate the permit for the marina please enter the following permit number into the 'Permit number search field' G13/33652.1
  • To locate the permit for the utilities pipeline please enter the following permit number into the 'Permit number search field' G13/35891.1
This marina and utilities pipeline proposal was the subject of extensive public consultation which resulted in more than 650 written submissions which the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority reviewed and carefully considered before making our decision.