How do I hear about grant opening and closing dates?
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will promote the Reef Guardian Grants that are coming up via our website, newsletters, social media, and through our stakeholder channels.

What sort of projects might be supported?
Any projects or activities within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park area or its catchment that fit within the strategic priorities of The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority by addressing one (or more) of the key threats to the Reef.

I have a question about the grants, who do I ask?
First, check the grants page on the website. Any further questions and enquiries should be directed by email to or by phone to 07 4750 0700.

Does the application have to be completed online?
The grants team can provide a hard copy of the form, which can be sent in (by email or post); however, we do prefer to receive applications electronically.

Who can help me with my submission?
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority staff members are not permitted to assist in developing project proposals to ensure the process is fair to all applicants. Other enquiries should be made to

How do we gain/prove endorsement from our Local Marine Advisory Committee (LMAC), Council or School?
You will need to contact the relevant organisation and submit a Reef Guardian grant proposal overview and endorsement form to them. If supported, you must then attach the endorsement to your application via SmartyGrants. The submission will not be accepted without the endorsement from the relevant organisation. If you are applying for a community grant (which requires endorsement from the LMAC), the project proposal must be filled in and sent to before the date of the LMAC meeting. This will allow the LMAC members to review all proposals at the LMAC meeting.

Can I make a start on my application and then continue to work on it at a later date?
SmartyGrants has the capacity to allow you to start an application and save it. You can make changes and resave your application until you are ready to submit.

Can an organisation apply to do multiple projects?
Yes, however, each project requires a separate application form and endorsement from the relevant organisation.

When will I find out if my application has been successful?
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will send an acknowledgment upon receiving the application. It is envisaged that the panel will be convened in the month following the closing date for the submission and successful applicants will be informed of the outcome later that month or early the following month.

Does the project have to be completed within the financial year of receiving the funds?
The project must be completed within 12 months from the date stated in the Agreement Execution Date.

Will late applications be accepted?
All applications must be submitted by the closing date or they will not be considered.

What is considered a “small consumable” in the eligible uses of funds section (page 5)?
The small consumables purchase could include items such as gloves, shovels, snorkel gear, fish tagging guns, water quality monitoring equipment, clean up bags or other minor project items that individually cost under $500. These items are considered to be critical to the overall success of the projects and are not considered to be items that could be hired for the project.

What is considered a “capital or equipment cost” in the ineligible use of funds (page 5)?
A capital or equipment purchase would be considered to be tangible property with a purchase price in excess of $500 or any electronic items (such as cameras and computers). Any exceptions to this rule must be sought and approved in writing (before the conclusion of the grant round) from the grant administrators and would only be considered if it was relevant to the project and hiring was not a viable option. This may include specialist equipment that is not available for commercial hire.

Further information

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