Annual Report

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's annual reports highlight the agency’s work and achievements over the reporting period.

Annual Report 2017-18

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Annual Report 2017-18 highlights the agency’s work and reports on the results achieved against the purposes and performance criteria published in the Authority’s Corporate Plan 2017–18 and Portfolio Budget Statements 2017–18.

The Authority is responsible for managing one of the world’s premier natural resources, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The Authority’s work is driven by the vision of, a healthy Great Barrier Reef for future generations.

The report has been prepared in accordance with requirements for annual reports outlined by the Department of Finance in its Resource Management Guide No. 135: Annual reports for non-corporate Commonwealth entities.

A full version of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Annual Report 2017–18 is available for download.

An overview of the Authority, year in review fast facts and snapshot of our success are also available.

Part 1 Introduction

Outlines the purpose and structure of the report, and presents the Chairman’s review of the Authority’s activities and performance for the 2017–18 reporting period.

Part 2 Overview

Provides corporate background to the Authority, including its role and functions. Also provides a summary of financial performance and a staff overview.

Part 3 Performance

Details the actions taken by the Authority in 2017–18 to meet its stated purpose of the long-term protection, ecologically sustainable use, understanding and enjoyment of the Great Barrier Reef for all Australians and the international community, through the care and development of the Marine Park, reporting against key performance indicators outlined in the Authority’s performance documents.

Part 4 Management and accountability

Covers the delivery of the management framework that supports effective functioning of the Authority, including corporate governance; statutory and advisory committees; management and training; work health and safety; asset management; corporate services; and management of consultants.

Part 5 Finances

Delivers an analysis of financial performance and a detailed financial statement.

Part 6 Appendices

Comprises the Authority’s resource statement; a staffing overview; information on advertising and marketing, freedom of information and ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance; a list of staff papers and presentations; Queensland Government financials and correction of a material error in the previous annual report.

Part 7 Acronyms and index

Includes a list of acronyms; a glossary; list of requirements; and an alphabetical index.