Under siege: starfish meet their match

Coral cover at John Brewer Reef off Townsville is better protected, with more than 22,000 coral-eating crown-of-thorns starfish culled at the reef.

Rangers and marine managers celebrate 40-years protecting the Great Barrier Reef
Since 1979, we’ve worked with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to protect the Reef through the Joint Field Management Program.
Climate change
Climate change is the biggest threat to coral reefs worldwide.
Crown-of-thorns starfish control program
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority runs a crown-of-thorns starfish control program to protect a network of priority coral reefs from outbreaks of coral-eating starfish.
Reef facts
Did you know the Reef is bigger than Italy? Find out more facts about the Reef.
Reef Fact
Reef Facts

Continental islands found in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

344,400 km2

Approximately half the size of Texas

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Eye on the Reef

Our Eye on the Reef program enables anyone who visits the Great Barrier Reef to contribute to its long-term protection by collecting valuable information about reef health, marine animals and incidents.