New patrol boat to beef up protection for the Reef

Published 24/04/2014

A new patrol vessel, jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland governments, will soon take to the water to monitor and protect the Great Barrier Reef.

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250,000 crown-of-thorns starfish culled

Published 22/04/2014

A quarter of a million crown-of-thorns starfish have now been culled on the Great Barrier Reef due to a new control measure and additional vessel to combat the pest.

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Cod Hole public moorings temporarily removed for maintenance

Published 17/04/2014

The two public moorings at the Cod Hole dive site in Cormorant Passage are temporarily out of service for maintenance.

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About the Reef Trust

The Australian Government is seeking your input into the design and implementation of a new Reef Trust.

Light station, a shining example of Australian heritage

A new heritage management plan for a lighthouse in Queensland’s Whitsundays is helping to keep our past alive and tell its stories.

Tourism responses to environmental incidents

The Marine tourism contingency plan has been updated. The policy provides for contingency arrangements for tourist programs impacted by a severe environmental incident.

Current conditions on the Reef

Each summer, we assess the health of reefs, as this part of the year poses a greater risk of coral bleaching, extreme weather and flooding.

Aspiring young video makers – win an iPad or GoPro

If you fancy yourself as the next David Attenborough, grab your video camera or iPhone and produce a short video about marine debris.

Abbot Point capital dredging project

Information on the Abbot Point coal export terminal expansion.